Ananda Lakshmi Ayurveda Centre
Our centre is 'Green Certified' by the Department Of Tourism, Government of Kerala , offering a holistic and integrated approach to health. Body constitution analysis (dosha diagnosis) is offered here, along with internal and external treatments, and dietary regimens.
The Centre features:
  •   Full-fledged infrastructure
      Clean and fully-equipped treatment rooms
      Regular General Medical Monitoring
      Monitoring of the treatment procedures by the doctor, with implementation by experienced, friendly, and caring female and male therapists
      Regular treatment reviews and follow-up through email, Skype, andother means
      Familiarization classes in Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic lifestyle

Ananda Lakshmi's Ayurveda team is led by Dr. M. S. Baiju BAMS, who hails from a traditional Ayurveda Vaidya family. Dr.M.S Baiju has 27 years of experience both in India and Europe, and graduated from the prestigious Government Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, the first Ayurveda College in India, assisted by Dr. Priyendu, BAMS graduated from Sree Narayana Ayurveda College, Puthur.
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About Ayurveda
Ayurveda is a comprehensive system of holistic health care that originated in India circa 5000 BC. It is one of the traditional healing system in the world. The word holistic is perfect as this system is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. Many of the fundamental healings principles which Ayurveda is based upon were mentioned in the sacred texts of ancient India. Kerala is the ‘Home’ of Ayurveda. Nobody in the world can challenge with Kerala in Ayurveda and hence Kerala is one of the best Ayurveda Destinations. The word "Ayurveda" is derived from two Sanskrit roots, "Ayur," meaning life, and "Veda," meaning knowledge or science. The "Science of Life," Ayurveda, is as much concerned with enhancing quality of life and with preventing ailments as it is with the treatment of disease. The eight branches of Ayurveda cover the entire spectrum of the physical, mental, social and spiritual understanding of creation, within a single, consistent framework. The eight branches are:
  •   Kaya Chikitsa : General Medicine
      Bala Chikitsa : Obstetrics, Gynecology & Pediatrics.
      Graha Chikitsa : Psychiatry
      Shalakya Tantra : ENT and Ophthalmology
      Shalya Tantra : Surgery
      Agada Tantra / Visha Chikitsa : Toxicology
     Jara / Rasayana Tantra : Geriatrics
      Vajikarana : Reproductive sciences

The underlying philosophy of Ayurveda is to treat each individual as a unique being and to facilitate the return of a normal balance of the "tridoshas," namely Vatha, Pitta, and Kapha. According to the original texts, the aim of Ayurveda is to promote the body's own capacity for maintenance and balance. Ayurvedic treatment is non-invasive and non-toxic, and is often an integral part of holistic treatment therapy regimes.

Ayurveda at Ayur Lakshmi
Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, per Ayurvedic beliefs, each person has a distinct pattern of energy—a specific combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. It is also believed that there are three basic energy types, called "doshas," present in every person. They are the Vatha, Pitta & Kapha which is derived from the five elements - earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

This is the energy associated with bodily functions associated with motion, including blood circulation, breathing, blinking, and the heartbeat. When "vatha" energy is balanced, creativity and vitality are experienced.

This is the energy associated with the body's metabolic processes, including digestion, absorption, nutrition, and temperature regulation

This is the energy associated with body growth, the maintenance of water levels in the human body, and the immune system. Every human being has Vatha, Pitta, and, Kapha present in their body. However, different doshas are often dominant in different people. Many of the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of modern-day living can have a significant influence on the balance of energy in the human body. Ayurvedic treatments help to normalize disturbances in energy balance. During the first consultation with our Chief Ayurveda Doctor at our Ayurveda center – Ayur Lakshmi, each individual is thoroughly diagnosed by the doctor and then plan the treatment according to the findings. Our Ayurveda treatments starts with a preparatory procedure, followed by Panchakarma, the five-fold treatment for mental and physical ailments. We offer the following Ayurvedic therapies at Ayur Lakshmi.

Abhyangam is a full body massage done with medicated oil, to increase the flexibility of muscles and joints, stimulate tissue, rejuvenate skin, and to prevent the accumulation of impurities in the body. Abhyangam augments the body's immune defenses against viruses and disease. Abhyangam acts as a body rejuvenator, increasing self-confidence, willpower, and longevity, while relieving fatigue, and enabling good sleep.

In this treatment medicated herbal oils, milk, buttermilk with special decoctions, are poured on the forehead in a particular manner for thirty minutes. This treatment is effective for insomnia, impaired memory, spondylitis, paraplegia, neurological disorders, stress and strain, fatigue, and a general lack of vitality. Shirodhara also stimulates nerves and reduces stiffness, making it effective for rheumatoid arthritis.

Udwarthanam is a massage done with Ayurvedic herbal powders. The powders are rubbed on the body in a synchronized manner. Udwarthanam relieves the body and mind from dullness, vitalizes blood circulation, and has therapeutic effects with regards to obesity. This treatment is effective against diseases such as diabetic neuropathy, paralysis, obesity, skin care, and sciatica. Udwarthanam rejuvenates the body, enhancing skin texture and elasticity. . This treatment tones muscles and reduces excess fat, leaving you with smoother, softer skin.

Vasti is a treatment process that involves the introduction of herbal decoctions, or medicated oil into the rectum. Vasti treatment is used to effectively eliminate vatha dosha and is a potent means of cleansing the body of toxins, which are channeled into the bowels and then expelled. Vashti rejuvenates the body, relieving one of constipation, chronic fever, the common cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, vomiting, backache, neck pain, and hyperacidity.

Pizhichil (Oil bath Massage)
Pizhichil is a treatment in which lukewarm, medicated herbal oil, is poured all over the body. This treatment is very effective for rheumatic and nervous diseases such as arthritis, paralysis, spondylitis, and hemiplegia. This treatment is prescribed not only for vatic (rheumatic) disorders, but also for many other diseases like diabetes, and blood pressure.

In this treatment, a cylindrical leather cap, approximately ten inches in length and with both ends open, is fixed in position by means of a cloth belt tied around the head. Black gram paste is used to plugging the holes. Warm medicated oil is retained inside the cap for 30 minutes. This treatment is very effective for conditions such as facial palsy, dryness of the nostrils, mouth, and throat, severe headaches, and other vatic (rheumatic) diseases..

In this treatment, specially prepared warm medicated oil is poured over the lower back. This treatment lasts for 30-45 minutes, and is meant to relieve lower back pain, lumbago, degenerative vertebral diseases, disc prolapses, dislocation, and herniation.

Navarakizhi (Rice Pudding massage)
In this treatment, the patient is soothed with medicated herbal oil all over the body, and is massaged with boluses of Navara in different postures. Navara is a special variety of rice, which has to be stored for a whole year before use. It is cooked in a medicinal decoction with milk into a pudding, which is made into boluses tied in muslin cloth. This treatment is useful for relieving conditions like rheumatism, muscular atrophy, paralysis, polio, congenital deformity of the limbs, dislocation of bones and joints, and others.

In this treatment, medicated oil or herbal juices are administered through the nostrils. This helps to clean the sinuses, the head, and the neck. It is very effective for migraines, cervical spondylitis, sinusitis, and facial palsy.

This is a treatment done as preparation for Panchakarma and involves the administration of medicated ghee. The daily dosage of ghee is fixed according to the digestive capacity of the patient. Snehapanan can function as either a curative method or nourishing treatment. The medicated ghee is administered to the patient early in the morning, on an empty stomach. The person is advised not to sleep during the day or perform any exercise. Snehapanan helps to remove toxins and wastes from the body. This treatment is effective for digestive disorders such as ulcers and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as certain skin diseases like psoriasis, rashes, boils etc. Snehapanan is also found to be effective for urinary disorders, diabetes mellitus, gout, epilepsy, and chronic arthritis.

Karna means ear, and pooranam means filling. As such, the literal meaning of Karnapooranam is to "fill the ears," with warm medicated oil. Karnapooranam strengthens the ears. This treatment is beneficial for certain ear disorders such as tinnitus, vertigo as well as for lubricating and de-waxing the ear.

In Sanskrit, the word "tharpanam" means "an act of nourishment." This treatment is done by applying medicated ghee to the orbits, the two bony sockets on face that accommodate the eyeballs. A leak-proof retention-rim is set around the orbits, for which pounded black gram flour is used. Then, medicated ghee is poured into this rim and retained there for a prescribed period of time. The medicated ghee is prescribed after proper evaluation of the person by the doctor. During retention, the patient is prompted to keep their eyes open for as long as possible. Once the ghee is drained after the prescribed time, the rim is removed and the skin cleaned with a wet cloth. Tharpanam improves vision and brain-related functions, enabling the optimum use of the brain. It is an effective treatment for long-sight, short- sight and ptosis. Special eye-boosting exercises help to prevent degenerative eye diseases. Tharpanam is also used to augment memory power and against degenerative learning disorders.

This is a treatment in which medicated herbal paste (known as lepanam), is prepared with medicated ghee, herbal decoctions, milk, and will be applied on the affected part or on whole body. This acts as a body scrub and helps to smoothen skin, rejuvenate blood circulation and provide relief from aches. Lepanam activates the natural purifying and healing abilities of the body. It is a therapy recommended for people suffering from the pain associated with various types of inflammatory conditions, arthritis, gout, skin diseases, and eczema.

Medicated Steam Bath
This is a treatment that involves applying medicated steam to the whole body, through the use of special steam chambers. The medicated steam is applied for 15 minutes. This tones the body, cleanses the skin, and improves blood circulation. It cures obesity, pain in the joints, as well as repository and rheumatic complaints.

This is a treatment done by massaging the whole body with herbal powders. It is primarily done with the powdered roots of several herbal plants. This powder is roasted with rock salt, grated coconut, and lemon slices. The mixture is tied in muslin cloth boluses and is again heated in a warm fire. It is then soaked in herbal oil and used to massage the whole body. After that, the patient is given a bath in moderately warm water. This is a treatment to removes toxins and balance the tridosha—Vatha, Pitta, and Kapha. Podikizhi is effective in curing arthritis, paralysis, and neuro- muscular diseases.

Face Pack
Ayurvedic beauty products are made of natural herbs, fruits and vegetable extracts. As such, they are gentle on the skin and hair. Healthy, glowing skin can boost the confidence of a person. Harmful cosmetics may cause in the formation of wrinkles and dark spots. The Ayurvedic face pack helps to reclaim your beauty from the ravages of chemical products, removing dark spots and letting your skin glow. 

Kabalam & Gandoosham
Kabalam involves gargling with lukewarm medicated oil or herbal decoctions. In Gandoosham, medicated oil or herbal decoctions are retained in the mouth for a specific time. Both treatments are very effective for oral ailments and facial palsy. They also improve the tone and strength of facial muscles.

Specially prepared kashayam (decoctions) are poured all over the body in a rhythmic pattern. This treatment is very effective for obesity, arthritis, psoriasis, and frozen shoulder.

In Sanskrit, the literal meaning of Panchakarma is “five actions.” Panchakarma is a unique therapeutic procedure in Ayurveda that enables the radical elimination of disease-causing factors and the maintenance of dosha equilibrium. The patient becomes healthy as wastes are eliminated from the body. Panchakarma is used to treat deep-rooted, chronic diseases, as well as seasonal imbalances of the tridoshas. Panchakarma tunes the body, organs, mind, breath and nerves, as well as purifying the blood.

Our Panchakarma includes the following treatments:

  •   Vamanam (Drug-induced emesis)
      Virechanam (Drug-induced purgation)
      Nasyam (Herbal drops/ medicines poured in the nostrils)
      Kashayavasti (Medicated herbal enema)
      Snehavasti (Medicated oil enema)

Thus, through Ayurveda at Ayur Lakshmi one can truly attain well-balanced health of mind and body!!!