According to ancient Indian mythology Lord Dhanwanthari is considered as God of Ayurveda
Medicine. Dhanwanthari moorthi is said to be the Avathar of lord mahavishnu who arouse from ocean
with the Aphrodisiac or Nectar of Immortality. This Nectar or Elixir is mentioned as Ayurveda by the
sages in ancient puranas . Dhanwanthari Jayanthi ( birthday of lord Dhanwanthari) is celebrated on 13 th
Lunar day in Aswani month or two days before Diwali pooja( festival of lights). In 2021 this auspicious
day is celebrated on November 2 nd Tuesday as 6 th National Ayurveda day. In this year the National
Ayush Mission propagating the concept of Ayurveda in Nutrition (AYURVEDA FOR POSHAN) which
focus on nutrition and increase in immunity by proper diet management. 
Dhanwanthari jayanthi is considered as an important day among the Ayurveda practitioners . More
than a medical science Ayurveda is considered as a life science which aims to establish physical, mental
and spiritual wellbeing of human being. It is believed that worshiping the Lord Dhanwanthari will help to
allievatethe sufferings of humans and promote happiness , prosperity and helps in improving the vitality
and energy level in human and helps to attain Natural state of wellbeing.