An overview of an Ayurvedic program

Who doesn’t like start afresh? It gives you an opportunity to clear out the accrued

junk from the past and move out from the stagnation and rebuild a healthy

foundation. This is the exact the exact idea behind Ayurveda rejuvenation.

In Ayurveda, the most traditional way of rejuvenating is to cleanse your body and

mind. This allows all of the accumulated toxins and wastes to be removed, leaving

behind a cleaner state. Some tissues may become depleted while cleansing.

Rejuvenation treatments help to nourish and rebuild them in a healthy way.

An overview of an Ayurvedic program

If you opt for any of the ayurveda treatments in Kerala, during the course of an

Ayurveda program, you will receive a variety of treatments, right from massages,

special baths and scrubs, all designed to address a particular health goal. Herbal

medicines in the form of pills and special drinks are also served, based on your

body constitution as instructed by the Ayurvedic doctor. Finally, you will be

encouraged to perform yoga which is typically a part of any Ayurvedic program.

According to traditional Ayurvedic writings, there are several benefits of

rejuvenation therapy like improving memory and intelligence, gives a youthful

age, offers freedom from disorders, adds longevity to life, improves your

complexion, skin tone and tightens the muscles, brings out the optimum strength of

your physique and sense organs, etc.

But as per the modern concepts of rejuvenating treatment it includes changes in the

food and lifestyle through a variety of mechanisms. The benefits of this modern

concept include boosting the immune system, help your body adapt to stress, build

tonics, rejuvenate the blood and lymph systems, supports a healthy nervous

system, etc.

Select the right package

Every Ayurveda package is designed to suit the individual needs. In any Ayurveda

retreat such programs are designed aiming to improve the flow of energy in your

body through Panchakarma treatments together with Ayurvedic treatments, yoga

and a controlled diet. This program leads to enhanced energy and immunity,

healthier metabolism rate and healthy, glowing skin. Every package is normally

customized to suit the specific need based of yours and your suggestions.